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7 Insights From Content Marketing Experts

I was sitting at the bar the other night hanging out with some friends. During the evening as we were catching up on what's new in each other's lives, I mentioned that I started a new business a few weeks ago that deals with content marketing. My … [Read more]

3 Secrets To Online Video

A few years ago, I worked on a project with the team over at Rokosz Studios. This may not be a name that you recognize, but they are hands down THE most prolific producers of online video. Nobody is even close. They have produced over 35,000 … [Read more]

What Hollywood And Porn Can Teach You About Content Marketing

Content marketing is more than just writing blog posts. Content Marketing is about delivering your message at the right time to your audience, which is your customer and/or prospect. I've been causally studying Hollywood and the Porn Industry for … [Read more]

How To Write An Awesome Quality Blog Post Super Fast Following These 3 Tips

One of the biggest challenges for creating a high quality blog post is figuring out what you are going to talk about. In this post, we will look at how to create a blog post quickly using a message map system. This is a little bit different from most … [Read more]

How To Create An Editorial Calendar For Traffic Using SEO

In today’s blog post, we are going to take a look at an editorial calendar. This is a little different than your standard editorial calendar, which is used with content marketing or other types of media publishing. Specifically, what we are going … [Read more]

Boost Your Content Marketing Today With These 5 Tips

Getting the most out of your content marketing is always a concern when you are spending significant time creating high quality content. In this post we will discuss 5 things you can do to boost the effectiveness of your content marketing. These … [Read more]

Joe Cole

All I can tell you is I need to provide newsletter content for a community I set up for Mercenary Cold Calling, a training program that I offer people to help them prospect for business, and also newsletter content for my real estate company, Turner … [Read more]

How To Get More Out Of Your Content Marketing

Creating quality content is a very time consuming task and anyone that tells you otherwise probably doesn't do it. The biggest problem with content marketing is that you need a ton of quality content to make it work. You can't skimp on it or it just … [Read more]

Content Marketing: A Warning & What To Do Next

This post was originally shared on Mical Johnson's blog Being involved in the internet marketing community for over a decade, I've always been on the cutting edge of new ways of doing business online, including creating content marketing … [Read more]