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3 Secrets To Online Video

holditA few years ago, I worked on a project with the team over at Rokosz Studios. This may not be a name that you recognize, but they are hands down THE most prolific producers of online video.

Nobody is even close. They have produced over 35,000 videos for YouTube with over 1.5 Billion video views.

Do you use video as part of your online marketing strategy?

While we were working on this project I had many opportunities to pick their brain to find out exactly what they did. We also developed another strategy and it was even more effective at producing customized videos for your audience. What I’m going to share with you today are the secrets to online video I learned working with them.

It all started with a simple conversation I had at a networking event. I was trying to explain some of the little nuances of my job to someone that was trying to learn more about it. The person had zero technical ability, but wanted to learn. I could tell by the questions he was asking he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

As we stood there most of the night talking, there were several occasions that I had to rephrase the question I asked because he didn’t understand it the way I was asking.

When he finally understood what I was asking he would answer. What I started doing was asking if the other ways that I had asked the same question made more sense. Here’s the remarkable moment for me…

He said his answers would have been the same if he had understood the question.

Secret #1 Rephrase The Question

Ask yourself this question the next time a prospect or client asks you something related to your field. How many different ways can I ask the same question and still get the same answer? You may be scratching your head here for a moment while it sinks in, but it’s a very important step.

Think of it as a mathematical expression. What are the answers to these problems?

  • 2+2
  • 6-2
  • 14+10-20
  • 4×1
  • (8-2)+(6/2)-5
  • 17x-13x=16, solve for x

The Answer: 4

No matter which mathematical expression you choose, the answer is still the same. It can be as simple as 2+2 or as complicated as 17x-13x=16. The person you are speaking with will determine if you need to rephrase the question. Simple or complicated, it’s all determined by your audience.

Secret #2 Shoot Your Video In Segments

Every video can be broken down into several segments, even if it’s not planned that way. Most of the videos that were shot at Rokosz Studio were shot in one take, but they were planned in segments so they could edit anything out that wasn’t needed.

Here are the 4 segments we identified that are needed for every online marketing and sales-related video. If you are building an audience online these apply.

  1. Introduction or Reason Why
  2. Branding
  3. Content
  4. Call To Action (CTA)

Introduction: It’s less important who you are than it is to give them a reason to keep watching the video. Tell them what they are going to watch and they are more likely to stick around.

You only have between 8 and 15 seconds before they are gone. Don’t waste that time thinking they will watch your title clip because most of the time they won’t.

Branding: There are several ways to do this from product and logo placement to a short clip that plays with music and your logo. When used as a video segment, don’t make it really long.

3 to 10 seconds is about all viewers will handle. This isn’t a TV show or movie where you have their undivided attention. Make it quick and make it memorable.

Content: This is the meat of the video. What ever was promised in the introduction needs to be delivered here. This essentially is the answer to the question – Why should I watch this video?

If you deliver this segment in a neutral way, it doesn’t matter what audience is watching it, it will still make sense. I’ll get back to that more in a few moments.

Call To Action: You have managed to keep the attention of the person watching this video long enough to make it to the end. Congratulations! Now tell them what to do next. Don’t make the mistake to think that they will automatically reach out to you or subscribe to your channel.

Keep the CTA relative to the platform you are promoting it on.  On Facebook, you want them to like your page. On YouTube, you want them to subscribe to your channel. Always keep in mind where your audience will be watching the video and give a good CTA.

It doesn’t matter if you shoot your videos in one take or stop after each segment, you will want the ability to edit your video at predetermined places for the best customization possible.

Depending on where you are using the video, you can easily change the introduction and CTA to make it very relevant to your audience and quickly produce another high quality video with minimal production time.

How many high quality videos can you make answering the most important question in your niche?

Secret #3 Use Multiple Types of Videos To Increase Your Reach

Shooting your videos in segments and being able to rephrase your question allows you to take advantage of a few key types of video that will add greatly to your arsenal. Here are 3 types of video that work well using this strategy.

  1. Personalization
  2. Most Important Question
  3. Q & A Session

Personalization: Think of this as your best friend online. You can talk directly to them or a segment of an audience that you serve. Campaigns include Birthdays, VIP Invitations, dancing elves, Industry associations, chambers.

Taken to the extreme, no one can forget the Old Spice campaign a few years ago with personalized responses from the Old Spice guy in a towel. When executed properly video personalization can be very powerful.

Most Important Question: Is there one question in your niche that must be answered? Is there one question about your product or service that absolutely must be answered or the prospect won’t buy? If there is, and I think there’s probably more than one, then answer that question for them.

Your clients and prospects are looking for the answer. A great example is the Will It Blend? campaign from BlendTec. It’s a simple question, but it must be answered about their blender before someone will buy it. BlendTec answered this question creatively and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

Q & A Session: Because most people have more than one question, why not take the time to answer all of them. This works well if your industry is changing all the time. The more frequently the changes, the better for you…it’s more opportunity for you to show you are the expert in the field.

Q & A sessions are helpful in just about any field. Matt Cutts, Google’s top Webspam engineer, uses them all the time to answer questions on the Google Webmaster’s Tools YouTube Channel. Not only is it helpful, but it is great for SEO.

With a little creativity and your phone, you can produce more video that is customized and hypertargeted to your audience than ever before.

When you step back to look at it, are the secrets to online video really secrets? Well, not anymore.

Got another secret for video you want to share? Tell me in the comments below.

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  • Excellent points. Thanks, Mical!

  • Joe Cole

    Using video makes it real and moves in real time. I use video in my business every day.
    Bottom line it works.

    My favorite secret is #1

    • Thanks Joe. It’s hard for me to choose out of these three. It’s like have to pick your favorite child. I like them all.