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7 Insights From Content Marketing Experts

I was sitting at the bar the other night hanging out with some friends. During the evening as we were catching up on what’s new in each other’s lives, I mentioned that I started a new business a few weeks ago that deals with content marketing.

My friends are a very intelligent, eclectic group, but don’t deal with marketing during their day to day affairs so they didn’t understand the little nuances and differences between inbound marketing, PR, SEO, and content marketing.

Some of the examples I used to help them better understand what content marketing is all about are listed below. I figured if these quotes were helpful to them, they would be equally as helpful to everyone here.

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Quick Bites Work Best

jay baer“Give away info snacks to sell knowledge meals.”

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It’s Not All About Your Talent

Rohit Bhargava“Here is the best part about content curation, though. It doesn’t require you to be a writer, or a filmmaker, or an on-screen commentator.”

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Must Give Time To Work

Joe Pulizzi“The #1 reason content marketing fails is because brands don’t give it enough time to work.”

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Time Has A Cost

Drew McLellan“Content marketing is important but not free!”

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Speak To Your Audience

John Jantsch“The Key to Creating Content that Resonates with Your Audience”

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It’s All About The Story

David Meerman Scott “As content takes its rightful place at the forefront of marketing, I’m seeing many marketers fail at basic storytelling.”

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Don’t Be Fake

Chris Lake“We live in a social age where authenticity and transparency will always triumph over duplicity and wool-pulling.”

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As with a fine wine, content marketing takes time to be the most effective. It can’t be rushed, pushed, prodded, and thrown to the trolls. Content marketing is about people and the stories they tell along with the conversations you have with them.

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