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Content Creation Hacks for Busy Professionals

create a content circleDigital Collective’s goal is to help content marketers and bloggers save time and create higher quality content quickly. Creating a quality blog post takes time. You have to research the topic, organize your thoughts, type it out, do the keyword research, do the on-page SEO for your blog post optimization, find related images and other media, and finally schedule your post.

We think there is a better way by optimizing the process and gaining the maximum effect from the most important elements.

We feel you are the expert and the one that holds all of the unique experiences and skills. We recommend you do blogging in a natural way by telling stories related to what your blog post is about. We then transcribe the audio and do most of the heavy lifting from there.

With the audio in hand, we convert it to text and do all your keyword research and on-page optimization for SEO. We also format and edit it for easy reading online, all while maintaining your authentic voice or your way of telling a story. We also enhance your blog post by adding images and other related media. Finally, we schedule it on your selected publishing day.

It’s a well-rounded solution for content marketers, bloggers, thought leaders, and busy professionals.

As we continue to grow, the company will have a cloud-based software solution and app that will allow you to manage the conversion process of one type of digital content to another and seamlessly integrate with your blogging platform of choice. We will also provide you with clear analytics to see what’s working and driving new leads to your business.

Your time is the most valuable asset you have. Don’t waste it on content creation tasks that should be done by others, leaving you with more time to do the important things in your business.

Dave-KaufmanWOW! GREAT JOB! I LOVE IT ……… This really does work !

-Dave Kauffman, Owner, Empowering Small Business

Here Is What We Do:

  • Transcribe Your Audio Or Video
  • Formatting For Easy Reading On The Web
  • Editing Out The Um’s And Ahh’s And Correcting Grammar Tenses For Easy Reading
  • On-Page SEO Technical Requirements
    • Meta Tag Optimization To Let The Search Engines Know What Your Page Is About
    • Internal Site Linking To Build Authority With Your Content
    • Outbound Linking To Supporting Resources
  • Historic Keyword Research To Find The Highest Volume Keywords You Can Easily Rank For
  • Trending Keyword Research To Take Advantage of Social Media Chatter
  • Adding Media/Image(s) To Increase Engagement And Lead Generation
  • Scheduling Post For Consistent Content Expectations
  • Analytics (coming soon) For Tracking Long Term ROI And Effectiveness

All delivered to you wrapped in a nice little bow, blog post after blog post, each and every week.
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Joe Cole[Digital Collective] allows me to get my message out in words that I would say versus trying to sit in front of a computer and write them. That takes way too much time. It is fast, it is easy, and it gets real time information out quickly.

-Joe Cole, Principle Broker – Turner Cole Company Real Estate Services,  &  President – Turner Cole Company Sales Coaching